Summer’s Here!

At the Barefoot Gardens stall in the Doylestown Farmers Market this weekend, I was thrilled to find that indeed summer has arrived! I picked up patty pan squash, baby zucchinis with flowers and swiss chard. I was immediately taken back to summers spent with my grandparents in Northern California. We’d swim in the river, canoe, fish, play in the muddy irrigation ditches and of course eat! In avoiding the main course of rainbow trout or meat, I’d always fill up on the veggies fresh from the garden. My grandma would often prepare the swiss chard and “flying saucer” squash boiled with butter and salt. That is just how I ate the chard and some of my squash. Here are some other ideas to enjoy this early summer bounty. Swiss Chard and Niçoise Olives- 1 bunch Swiss Chard, washed and cut in 1’ strips, discarding tough lower stems 1 T Olive Oil 1 T Butter 1-2 T Water 2 cloves of Garlic, chopped ¼ cup Niçoise Olives, pitted and chopped Salt and Pepper **Swiss chard can be bitter if not fresh, so be sure to get yours from a nearby garden or at the local farm market. -In large saucepan, heat olive oil and butter and sauté garlic briefly. -Add swiss chard and cover. Stir after 5 minutes, add olives and water if dry. Cover again and let cook until completely wilted, another 3-4 minutes. -Add salt and pepper to taste. -Eat as a side or toss with wide egg pasta, more olive oil or butter and reggiano. Grilled Pattypan Squash Medium Patty Pan Squash Olive Oil Salt and Pepper -Slice the rounds about ½ inch thick, brush with olive oil, salt and pepper. -Place on hot grill and cook each side for a couple minutes. -Sprinkle with fresh herbs, possibly a squeeze of lemon or top with pesto and serve. Happy Summer!