Crème Frâiche

With strawberry season upon us, I’m so excited to once again indulge in one of my favorite food combinations- local strawberries and crème frâiche. Less sour than “sour cream” and higher in fat content, crème frâiche is a French-style cultured cream. It is appreciated by many for its use in sauces and ability to pair with both sweet and savory dishes. Here are a few ways that I love to eat crème frâiche: With strawberries of course! Honestly, I’m happy to just dip the strawberries in the jar. But for a more elegant presentation, you can top a brownie or shortcake with sliced strawberries and then with a dollop of slightly sweetened and whipped crème frâiche. With the high fat content of crème frâiche, it makes a decadent topping for pancakes or waffles. I like to mix some citrus zest and a tiny bit of maple syrup into the cream. When combined with the warm pancakes, it melts into smooth, velvety and slightly tart perfection. Salmon is also delicious with crème frâiche. Top a blini or cucumber disk with smoked salmon,crème frâiche and capers for a classic appetizer. As a brunch item, you can whisk fresh dill and black pepper into the cream and serve it alongside cold poached salmon. Crème frâiche is available at specialty markets, but you can also make your own. With a bit of planning ahead and about 3 minutes of actual prep time, you can make it yourself. Here’s a recipe: how to make creme fraiche