Cheese Crackers

It’s hard for me to recall a time that I haven’t wanted to eat cheese and crackers. I also love to serve cheese; it’s an easy and elegant snack or transition from one course to the next. But, I’ve found a new way to eat cheese—by baking it into a cracker! These crackers are simple […]


Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are all here and this is the perfect time to make gazpacho! The ingredients are very simple and it’s a great way to practice your knife skills…If you prefer a smoother (or faster) gazpacho, you can chop all the veggies in the food processor. When I make gazpacho, I use different […]


I hadn’t quite realized it until this year, but early fall is a great time for local eggplant. I can’t resist buying the Italian eggplant, purple and striped. I seem always to end up with a few extra in my refrigerator. In my opinion, really fresh and firm eggplant need not be salted to remove […]

Summer’s Here!

At the Barefoot Gardens stall in the Doylestown Farmers Market this weekend, I was thrilled to find that indeed summer has arrived! I picked up patty pan squash, baby zucchinis with flowers and swiss chard. I was immediately taken back to summers spent with my grandparents in Northern California. We’d swim in the river, canoe, […]

Crème Frâiche

With strawberry season upon us, I’m so excited to once again indulge in one of my favorite food combinations- local strawberries and crème frâiche. Less sour than “sour cream” and higher in fat content, crème frâiche is a French-style cultured cream. It is appreciated by many for its use in sauces and ability to pair […]